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Anchor™ Wall Systems Inc.

Outdoor areas of any size or shape can be transformed with Anchor™ products. Colors, shapes and textures of Anchor products blend with the environment to create attractive and functional landscape features. With a wide array of styles, shapes and textures made from natural materials, Anchor Wall Systems helps contractors design and build something beautiful.

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The Anchorplex™ retaining wall system offers a unique, nonconventional solution to difficult-site wall construction problems.


Aspen Stone®

A timeless face style and warm colors give the Aspen Stone® retaining wall system a handsome, rough-hewn appearance.



Famous for durability, the Diamond® retaining wall system has been trusted by contractors for decades. Produced in straight and beveled faces.

Diamond Pro Stone Cut

Diamond Pro®

Combining time-trusted strength with a superior design for a clean look, the Diamond Pro® retaining wall system is the contractors’ choice for tough jobs.

Diamond Pro Stone Cut

Diamond Pro Stone Cut®

The Diamond Pro Stone Cut® retaining wall system combines the durability of the Diamond Pro® retaining wall system with a softly-rounded appearance that complements many landscapes.

Highland Stone FSWhighland-fsw

Highland Stone® Freestanding Wall

Crafted with the same earthen appearance and multipiece design as the Highland Stone® retaining wall system, the Highland Stone® freestanding wall system is the perfect addition to any outdoor project.

Highland Stone

Highland Stone®

The unique color blends and multiple sizes of the Highland Stone® retaining wall system evoke the charming, hand-stacked walls of centuries past.


Vertica® / Vertica Pro®

The Vertica® retaining wall system is the perfect choice for maximizing valuable land while providing strength, durability and a near-vertical appearance.

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