Eco-Priora® Unit


The flat surface is ideal for pedestrian and ADA handicap-accessible pavements, however, its patented specialized interlocking spacers provide superior interlocking capability under vehicular traffic, when compared to other rectangular and square permeable pavers. Eco-Priora® can be mechanically installed to save time and money on larger-scale projects such as parking lots and plazas.

  • Eco-Priora®

    Paver Size: 80mm
    Square Feet Per Cube: 87
    Pieces Per Cube: 280
    Weight Per Cube: 2900 lbs (approx)
    Void Area: Void Area: 8%
  • Eco-Priora Dimensions
    • 1. Excavate the subgrade material to the depth required. The subsoil is generally not compacted. The next layer is the open graded sub base consisting of ASTM #2, #3, or #4 stone, and varies in thickness according to the site specific requirements. The base material is typically 4-inches thick for vehicular traffic consisting of ASTM #57 or #67 crushed stone.
    • 2. Install edge restraint using concrete curb or concrete toe.
    • 3. The open graded bedding course is typically 2-inches thick consisting of small angular aggregate which is ASTM #8, #9, or similar sized material.
    • 4. Install Eco-Priora units on bedding course in pattern desired allowing approximately 1/8” between units.
    • 5. Where required, cut Eco-Priora units with an approved cutter to fit accurately, neatly and without damaged edges.
    • 6. Tamp Eco-Priora units with mechanical vibrator uniformly level, true to grade and free of movement. Openings should be filled with free draining material to prevent shifting or top soil if vegetation growth is desired.
    • 7. The openings should be filled with #9 stone or otherwise specified by the designer. It is important to fill the joints, vibrate the stone using a plate compactor, repeat the process.
    • NOTE: A civil or geotechnical engineer experienced with local site conditions should be consulted for specific design details.

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