AB Courtyard Collection™

The AB Courtyard Collection is a free-standing, above ground wall and post system.


rame your patio, create a seat wall, or fashion an entry monument with Allan Block's Courtyard Collection.

Featuring clean lines, tight seams, and exceptional craftsmanship this product will provide a beautifully textured wall with a true vintage feel.

Available in Dublin (large blocks), York (small blocks), plus matching corners and caps.

The AB Courtyard Collection™ includes:

  • AB Dublin
  • AB York

The Courtyard Collection's unique block design allows you to build a variety of projects using five basic pieces. Bring your designs to life with serpentine curves, straight walls, and decorative posts -- all with one simple system that requires no footings, reinforcement or special tools. Perfect for patio enclosures, entry monuments, mailbox and light posts, seating walls, planters, landscape accents, and more.

For more information on the AB Courtyard Collection, visit Allan Block for complete product details and technical data.

Image Gallery: AB Courtyard Collection™

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